Monday, 6 March 2017

Will He

Sarah woke up, it was the morning after from the night before, and she was hungover, feeling instantly groggy as soon as she opened her eyes. Peter's arms were wrapped around her, she had only met him the night before at the club. She shared a taxi home with him, and here he was - tucked up next to her! She enjoyed his embrace, and felt goosebumps over her skin. She snuggled into him, causing him to stir.

'You're beautiful,' Peter stated as he pushed himself against her. She felt him, but would not act upon it. She had a headache, and needed some pills!

'Thank you. And you're handsome. I enjoyed last night,' she whispered in his ear. But I'm not feeling to well. I'm enjoying your company though! Do you want a shower to freshen up? I know I do.' She got up, naked still, and casually strolled out of the room.

Peter pondered after her, and got out of bed to join her in the shower. He opened the door, and felt aroused instantly. They caressed each others bodies, and lapped up some erotic passion. The shower had done her the world of good, and she now felt a little better. She succumbed to his charms, and they had intercourse. She felt loved, and liked him feeling her in such a passionate and gentle way. She groaned in satisfaction, and was pleased with Peter's manoeuvres. She felt lustful, and was receptive to his touching, reciprocating in kind. He liked the feeling, and told her so.

Ten minutes later, they were drying themselves with towels. Peter stared at her naked form, appreciating her beauty. He playfully slapped her bottom, causing her to squeal in delight!

'Naughty. You're very manly,' she said as she smiled, liking his muscular body. Peter was a good catch, he had his own house and had a good job that paid well. He dressed smartly and had expensive jewellery on. She liked his style, and had instantly been attracted to him. She usually didn't do one night stands, and hoped he'd see her again. She felt tingles all over, exposing herself to him.

'You drank a lot last night.' Peter stated, 'and I enjoyed your company. You're a good dancer, much better than me!'

'Girls are usually better dancers than the boys, we get up on the dance floor more!'

They both left the room, and went to get dressed in the bedroom. They went downstairs, and Sarah put the kettle on to make some tea.

'Do you want some breakfast?' Sarah asked, wanting breakfast herself. She had a curvaceous figure, with an appetite to suit her size! 'I'm cooking a breakfast for myself.'

'Yes, go on then. I'll have a cooked breakfast. Sarah proceeded to make the meal while Peter took in the style of the room: There was an expensive oak, fitted kitchen, that looked expensive; the furnishing were modest, and he appreciated it. He sat down on a chair, and tucked himself in under the table. He stared at her, she was beautiful, attractive and pretty, and he thought she was really sexy. She had worn a dress last night, that had hugged her body tight, revealing her gorgeous figure. She now had  sweat pants on and a top, homely attire. She had luscious lips, and he wanted to go and kiss her there and then, but he'd wait, she was flowing with preparing breakfast. He hadn't eaten since yesterday tea time, and now felt extremely hungry!

Soon breakfast was ready, and they both tucked into the hearty meal! It was soon finished, and Peter phoned a taxi to go home.

'You're going so soon. It's Sunday. What have you got to do today?'

'I've got things to do and people to see. I go to my parents on a Sunday afternoon.'

'You will see me again won't you?'

'Of course I will,' he lied;  he often bedded beautiful women, and had no  intentions of settling down any time soon. He heard the taxi outside, and gave her a passionate kiss, exploring variants and differences in technique. He's loved her, and would now leave her, knowing she'll be waiting for him to call! He left regardless, and felt no shame.

Copyright Andrew Stevenson 06/03/2017

A five hundred word short story.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


  1. A nice, steamy read to warm me up this morning.
    Alas, a fairly typical scenario (I mean, not in my life - I wish - but the one night stand with promise for more thing).

    1. Glad you liked it. Thanks for visiting. And yes, some men are just selfish and neglectful to femininity! Love love, Andrew. Bye.