Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Art Of Love

Love is in my mind’s eye when I wink at you;
A seductive inclination for poetic intimacy.
Listen to my verses of passion to pursue,
With sound reasoning of intellectual sincerity.

Heed the words and absorb them thoughtfully,
As what is tunefully spoken is word foreplay;
And reciprocate in dancing provocatively –
With body language denoting what I say.

The melodic rhymes flow in sync with a rhythm
Of strutting your figure with curvaceous teasing.
Your supple sexuality moving serves to heighten
Our arousal to the next level of manual feeling.

Come close, and use your lips to silence my voice:
Explore all the variant kisses with mutual desire.
Convexly and concavely probe our flesh of choice,
With sight and touch whilst undressing our attire.

As your stilettos step out from your fallen dress,
Your pregnable lingerie seduces my fixation.
Your feminine forms lustful powers to impress,
Holds my fervent attention for a sizable duration.

My four-poster bed is a stage, come and play:
Act up with naughty, provocative poses to tease;
And be the temptress having your wicked way
By pacifying my willing enthusiasm to please.

Your silky skin is a blank canvass master piece,
Depicting a lush, fruitful landscape of perfection.
Draw near, and with brush strokes I will trace
Your body and lace with a colourful passion.

I will conduct you like a philharmonic orchestra,
And lead you with my baton into a banging beat,
Of excited hearts harmonious in love together –
With strings attached to pluck the times we meet.

Your panting wind can wildly blow my tresses,
And I’ll shake my head in writhing satisfaction.
Let’s massage to sooth ourselves with caresses,
And to wind down our sexual loving gratification.

Let my beating chest cushion your soft cheek,
And feel yourself within its every rise and fall;
Take comfort in my warmth for you to keep,
Through our eternal, existent life giving all.

© Andrew Stevenson 19/1/14

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.