Monday, 3 March 2014

Release Yourself

Open your eyes to blind trusting sensitivity,
And resurrect your peace from a casket shell,
Filled with empathising grief of durability
From the omnipotent, suffering screams’ knell.

Proceed tantalisingly slow with undressing peel;
And witness your beauty in my appreciative face;
See your feminine form’s lustful powers to steal
My attentive all transfixed to this bountiful grace.

Lie down, let I map your restlessness and chill
With an admiring careful eye of dedication –
To release the tensions of unwarranted ill,
And craving desires of  expressive supplication.

Relax, and breathe in controllable deep breaths:
And understand this reason of logical measure
Of probing fingers experiencing your depths
Of mind willing, bodily desiring, erotic pleasure.

My touch travels a literal plane of masterful art,
Read like brail with every goose bump’s pixel,
Depicting the depth of an appreciative heart
In every ecstatic, convulsive spasm’s frill.

Softly float your thoughts and fly in blue skies;
And gambol with I over valley and height grandeur.
Dive into the sea of exciting, apprehensive butterflies –
Where my sub-conscious strays in playful wonder.

The moonlight beckons the passing of our time,
With its fill of sighs denoting your silent release.
Let me dreamily reap these sown spoils of mine
By sharing your sleeping smile of inner-peace.

© Andrew Stevenson 3/3/14


First Stanza

The first line has a clash of opening your eyes to blindness. The second line is expressing that peace is often superficial (only on a surface level). The third and forth lines are expressing that there is a lot of suffering in the world, and that we endure it in others around us. The word ‘empathising’ means having an understanding of another’s feelings; the word ‘omnipotent’ means universal power; the word ‘knell’ means death and disaster, which is heard from a lot of sound.

Second Stanza

The word ‘peel’ expresses taking your clothes off a garment at a time.

Third Stanza

The phrase ‘unwarranted ill’ follows on from the first stanza, and is also expressing that lots of us suffer, regardless of not deserving it. The word ‘supplication’ means something someone else can do for you.

Fourth Stanza

Is self explanatory.

Fifth Stanza

A ‘literal plane’ is terminology from art, as it is the surface area of a painting. The word ‘pixel’ is computer terminology, and means a small part of a picture.

Sixth Stanza

This stanza is expressing a lot in metaphor and analogy. The first line is expressing peace, and enlightenment (which is similar to Buddhists, etc, who express that when they reach a certain stage of enlightenment, that their spirit can leave the body and travel the skies). The second line is expressing to be  joyful with I as I massage over your convex and concave curves. The third line expresses the joys of sexual arousal. The word ‘gambol’ means to leap and skip around playfully, which is a metaphor within an analogy.

Seventh Stanza

This stanza is expressing that it has become late, and that the female being massaged has drifted off to sleep, but she enjoyed the massage which was expressed in her pleasurable sounds; and that bringing her peace, brought I peace.. The word ‘denotes’ means to have something as a meaning, especially a specific or literal one.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Lady Gaga, A Bright Star

Lady Gaga has an extreme idiosyncrasy style, and is supreme in her eccentricity on screen,
As seen in her videos and shows, where she releases laudable erotica, to a mania hysteria
Of devout male followers in droves; and as she parades in her skimpy clothes,
We come out of our closets, in the sense of no pretence in our appetence.

She is aplomb in her posture and stature, and with nurture takes this to heights of sights,
Which is ripe for plucking by us watching, as she is innovative in how she is creative,
And once related, we are sated with her essence, especially with her ingenuity.
Her popularity is a testament to her transcendent prudence in supplication perseverance.

© Andrew Stevenson 24/02/14


Idiosyncrasy denotes quirk: a way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is peculiar to an individual or group, especially an odd or unusual one.

Eccentricity denotes a quality of being unconventional, especially in a whimsical way.

Laudable denotes admirable and worthy of praise

Erotica denotes art or literature intended to arouse sexual desire by portraying sex in an explicit way.

Appetence denotes a desire or longing for something.

Aplomb denotes confidence, skill, and poise, especially in difficult or challenging circumstances

Sated denotes to satisfy completely somebody's hunger or some other desire.

Transcendent denotes superior in quality or achievement.

Prudence denotes having good sense in dealing with practical matters.

Supplication denotes something someone can do for someone else.

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lustful Inclinations With Sincere Sentiments

Sophie is the delight of my day
As she’s prone to gently play
To my humble and modest sway
Of a tantalising and sexy way.

Her fingers wrap around mine
Many a wayfaring time
And as we caress each finger
My lustful inclinations linger.

She is prone, as I am, to dance
And as she glides to prance
About, I gyrate up against her
And glance down to leer.

She is sincere as she is deer
And she’s a treasure to adhere
As she is loving and hugging
And kissing and cuddling.

© Andrew Stevenson 16/2/14

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Art Of Love

Love is in my mind’s eye when I wink at you;
A seductive inclination for poetic intimacy.
Listen to my verses of passion to pursue,
With sound reasoning of intellectual sincerity.

Heed the words and absorb them thoughtfully,
As what is tunefully spoken is word foreplay;
And reciprocate in dancing provocatively –
With body language denoting what I say.

The melodic rhymes flow in sync with a rhythm
Of strutting your figure with curvaceous teasing.
Your supple sexuality moving serves to heighten
Our arousal to the next level of manual feeling.

Come close, and use your lips to silence my voice:
Explore all the variant kisses with mutual desire.
Convexly and concavely probe our flesh of choice,
With sight and touch whilst undressing our attire.

As your stilettos step out from your fallen dress,
Your pregnable lingerie seduces my fixation.
Your feminine forms lustful powers to impress,
Holds my fervent attention for a sizable duration.

My four-poster bed is a stage, come and play:
Act up with naughty, provocative poses to tease;
And be the temptress having your wicked way
By pacifying my willing enthusiasm to please.

Your silky skin is a blank canvass master piece,
Depicting a lush, fruitful landscape of perfection.
Draw near, and with brush strokes I will trace
Your body and lace with a colourful passion.

I will conduct you like a philharmonic orchestra,
And lead you with my baton into a banging beat,
Of excited hearts harmonious in love together –
With strings attached to pluck the times we meet.

Your panting wind can wildly blow my tresses,
And I’ll shake my head in writhing satisfaction.
Let’s massage to sooth ourselves with caresses,
And to wind down our sexual loving gratification.

Let my beating chest cushion your soft cheek,
And feel yourself within its every rise and fall;
Take comfort in my warmth for you to keep,
Through our eternal, existent life giving all.

© Andrew Stevenson 19/1/14

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.