Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Being I

‘Look through my eyes, what do you see?’

“A wonderful vision of beauty that is me:
Perfection in every possible way blessed
In your idyllic, picturesque, gazing caress.”

‘Listen with my ears, what do you hear?’

“A symphony of words in tune to cheer
Your musical pleasures from my voice
That your audience of body hair rejoice.”

‘Share with my heart, what do you feel?’

“The passion of proximity beating peal.
Slow pumping dirge for a room apart.
An essence of love to worldly impart.”

‘Enter my thoughts, what do you ponder?’

“Travelling visions of romantic wonder:
Endless loving embraces for us to care
That devotion to me will take us there.

‘Use my hands, what do you experience?’

“Goosebumps of gliding ecstatic séance,
Conjuring rivers from a treasured pearl –
While lovingly brushing every silky curl.”

© Andrew Stevenson  6/11/12

This poem has a theme of the possible powers of telepathy, albeit if the concept is unreal!

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.